35 million Americans

Don't Read.

Imagine That.*

#ReadOut Challenge to Support Family and Adult Literacy


#ReadOut Steps

  1. Take a short video of yourself reading a passage from a book, poem, lyric, fortune cookie ... anything! "Hi my name is [so-and-so] and I'm doing a ReadOut. Today I'm reading from ..."
  2. At the end of your read, ask folks to donate to the campaign, and include a challenge to a friend to video a #ReadOut. "I challenge [so-and-so] to do a ReadOut. And please support family literacy programs by donating at readout.us."
  3. Use the hashtag #ReadOut to upload your video to YouTube or stream something on Periscope.
  4. Share! Tweet us at @Litworksorg, email us at readout@literacyworks.org and LIKE US on Facebook.
  5. Make a donation to Literacyworks to support family literacy. Thank you!

* The Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies found in 2013 that one in six adults in the US have low literacy skills.


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So many of us take being able to read for granted. And yet so many in our community cannot understand the type on this page.
Imagine that.

Donate now to help increase literacy in the U.S.




More #ReadOut Information


What is the READ OUT challenge about?

Getting America to read more. Encouraging kids to read to their parents and parents to read to their kids. Increasing our literacy rates and job skills.

What will my donation support?

Literacyworks will use your donation to support library literacy programs and to develop projects to assist families and adults in developing their literacy skills. Across the country, libraries provide services to low-literacy adults and their families using trained volunteer tutors. Books are donated by our sponsors to support our campaign.

Why donate to library literacy programs?

Libraries are ideal settings for literacy services in communities. Libraries are easy to access and provide free of charge services in the non-threatening library environment -- crucial qualities in attracting these hard-to-reach kids and adults who don't have the skills and/or comfort level to attend traditional classroom-based programs.

Why is being literate and reading important?

Literacy is the ability to read, write, compute, and use technology at a level that enables an individual to reach his or her full potential as a parent, employee, and community member.

In the United States, an estimated 30 million people over the age of 16 read no better than the average elementary school child. The ability to read and write is the basis for all other education; literacy is necessary for an individual to understand information that is out of context, whether written or verbal. Literacy is essential if we are to eradicate poverty at home and abroad, improve infant mortality rates, address gender inequality, and create sustainable development. Without literacy skills, today’s adults will struggle to take part in the world around them and fail to reach their full potential as parents, community members, and employees.

Why should I care?

Because we all benefit from an educated society.

On an economic level, the return on investment is substantial. A literate workforce attracts more business resulting in higher salaries, enhanced job security, greater productivity, increased consumer spending and tax revenues, reduced correctional costs, and a decreased drain on social services. Literacy is the most basic employable skill, the essential element of economic development and living-wage jobs.

On a personal level, parents are better able to support their children’s education and nurture healthier citizens. When adults gain the power to read and write it is nothing short of transformational – resulting in healthier and, yes, happier communities.

Families and adult learners needing basic education are an enormous potential asset. They want to improve their lives, their communities, and their children’s future. 90% of fortune 1000 companies stated that “Low literacy levels are limiting their productivity and profitability.” Literacy is essential for job opportunities, participation in civic and community engagement and meaningful involvement in children’s education. Literacy strengthens our economy, neighborhoods and families.

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Our Goal

Read Literacyworks’ Founder Paul Heavenridge on the Purpose of the READ OUT campaign

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