Literate for Life: The Literacyworks Center

Literacyworks is rallying to raise $25,000 in finishing funds by October 31, 2014 to secure $200,000 that will directly support scholarships for adult learners in our Literacyworks Center. The Center will serve as a model for the nation.

25% of Californians have very low literacy skills, and nearly one in five have not earned a high school diploma or its equivalent such as a GED.
— U.S. Education Department's National Center for Education Statistics

Literacyworks invests deeply in highly motivated adult learners by strengthening and coordinating existing resources and supporting adult learners to chart a course towards a more prosperous future. We understand that a sense of belonging and community, clarity of purpose, competence and stability are key to their success.

The Center will partner with learners to achieve their goals by providing face-to-face and digitally enabled personalized support, long-term educational counseling and performance based scholarships to break persistence barriers such as transportation, childcare, and tuition.

We've just launched our Indiegogo Campaign for the Literacyworks Center! Help us raise $25K and we'll secure $200k in scholarships for adult learners Please join us in making a difference today. Go to the campaign here, and share the link with your friends and community!