• Literacyworks Accomplishments 2013

    In 2014 Literacyworks provided approximately 5000 hours of training to adult educators. In 2015 we plan to expand our reach via the Literacyworks Center.

  • Literacyworks is dedicated to improving the quality of teaching in adult education and creating second chances for individuals who lack the fundamental skills to get by.

    And the need is great, because:

    18% of working-age adults in California lack a high school diploma or its equivalent.

    This is the second highest rate

    in the nation. Source

  • By 2018 almost 2/3 of jobs in 2018 will require more than a high school diploma

    although not necessarily a four-year degree. Source [PDF]

  • Compared to adults in other developed nations, Americans lag in literacy, math and problem solving skills.

    Among 24 nations the U.S. is:

    16th in literacy

    21st in numeracy

    17th in problem solving

    These are skills considered critical for global competitiveness and economic strength. Source [PDF]